HSCNI Ballot Result December 2023

07 Dec 2023
by David Hamblin
BDA Trade Union HSCNI.png


BDA Trade Union members working for Health & Social Care across the 5 Trusts of Northern Ireland have spoken and they have done so clearly and with purpose. Our thanks to all our members in Northern Ireland and particular thanks to our BDA Trade Union Representatives for their hard work organising and communicating during the ballot period.

We are able to confirm that 91.2% of those balloted voted in favour of industrial action (on a turnout above 50%). This is an unprecedented statement of intent from BDA members in Northern Ireland who will are determined that the current situation lack of action on pay cannot continue.

With this mandate we are now in a position to co-ordinate with other health unions and look  at possible dates for Industrial Action in the New Year.

We will keep members in Northern Ireland updated on progress, will ensure that members receive at least two weeks’ notice on industrial action dates.

If you have any queries please get in touch via [email protected].

Thank you for all that you do

Annette Mansell-Green