The dietetic workforce join the collective day of action in Northern Ireland, to say enough is enough

18 Jan 2024

Members of the British Dietetic Association (BDA), working in Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI) join thousands of other workers in unprecedented strike action today.

Simon Fevre, The British Dietetic Association’s Northern Ireland Trade Union Officer says, “Today the dietetic workforce is joining this collective day of action to say enough is enough. We need Chris Heaton-Harris to act now for the future of HSCNI and provide resources that would allow the Department of Health to make a fair pay offer to our members.

“Dietitians and dietetic support workers, along with their colleagues across HSCNI have been waiting too long for their pay award, in a cost-of-living crisis with crippling mortgage and fuel hikes. It isn’t fair and it cannot go on.

“Without fair pay and parity with colleagues in England, Scotland and Wales our ongoing issues with recruiting and retaining staff are only going to be heightened. This isn’t just about current employees suffering but is also about the future. What message does it send to people considering healthcare as a career?

“Hundreds of dietitians and support workers have joined the picket lines at hospitals across Northern Ireland today. This wasn’t an easy decision and not one they take lightly. This strike is a sign that we need action now.”

Check out some of the action below

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