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Mabel Blades

PhD, RD, MPhil, MBA, BSc hons, MIFST,
Contact address:
202 NEWTON ROAD, Rushden, England
01933318 014
Profile for Mabel Blades

Dr Mabel Blades RD, MPhil, MBA is an experienced dietitian registered with the HCPC and member of the British Dietetic Association. I have provided advice and expertise is provided to various individuals on diet plus to the care sector, industry and legal clients.

I aim  to simplify complex nutritional issues into everyday language and thus enhance understanding of foods and nutrition.

I have written a number of books including “Nutrition and Health”, “Diabetes foods meds and more”,  “Everyday eating”, the GI counter and been involved in writing the GI diet.

I have provided training for various organisations including Age UK, HM Prison service, hospital and care caterers, environmental health officers and others

I often provide expertise in recipe development for clients as well as nutritional calculations

Expert reports have been provided for a number of  clients for legal purposes

I have provided support  to  charities such as IDDT and Age UK as well as the local food bank

Local radio has often asked me to assist them and also I have judged a number of competitions at both local and national levels