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Mabel Blades

Contact address:
202 NEWTON ROAD, Rushden United Kingdom

Dr Mabel Blades RD, MPhil, MBA is an experienced dietitian registered with the HCPC and member of the British Dietetic Association. I have provided advice and expertise is provided to various individuals on diet plus to the care sector, industry and legal clients.

I aim  to simplify complex nutritional issues into everyday language and thus enhance understanding of foods and nutrition.

I have written a number of books including “Nutrition and Health”, “Diabetes foods meds and more”,  “Everyday eating”, the GI counter and been involved in writing the GI diet.

I have provided training for various organisations including Age UK, HM Prison service, hospital and care caterers, environmental health officers and others

I often provide expertise in recipe development for clients as well as nutritional calculations

Expert reports have been provided for a number of  clients for legal purposes

I have provided support  to  charities such as IDDT and Age UK as well as the local food bank

Local radio has often asked me to assist them and also I have judged a number of competitions at both local and national levels

Dietetic Services Provided in Rushden