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What is One Blue Dot?

One Blue Dot is the BDA's Environmentally Sustainable Diet Project, created to help make our Sustainable Diets Policy a reality. On these pages you will find a toolkit of information, graphics, tools and links to help you improve your understanding of environmentally sustianable diets and discuss these with your patients or clients. This is very much a "live" toolkit, and we will be adding more information and tools on a regular basis.

Our latest update was made in July 2019, and inludes an expanded FAQ, a set of PowerPoint slides for members to use when presenting to colleagues and downloadable infographics from the reference guide and other sources document. 

If you have a suggestion for what we could include to help you promote environmentally sustainable diets, get in touch: 

Why do Environmentally Sustainable Diets matter?

Up to 30% of GHG emmissions globally are linked to agriculture and food production, and the environmental impact of the food we eat is one of the key changes we can make to tackle the issue of climate change. The BDA believes dietitians should be able to reconcile the nutritional and environmental science to give consistent messages about a healthy, sustainable and varied diet. They should be aware of the challenges that may result for vulnerable groups and individuals (e.g. those suffering ill health, pregnant women, people on low incomes, and older adults) and be able to provide advice on sustainable eating as appropriate.   

How planet healthy is your diet?

Environmentally sustainable diets are a win-win for the planet and your health. We've come up with a fun quiz to give you a borad idea of whether you’re already a Whole Planet Hero or if you’re still in training! Take the quiz now! 

Although the quiz is just a bit of fun, our handy Fast Facts and Easy Meal Swaps booklet works with the quiz to give you more tips and help you pledge which changes you’ll make. Download now

One Blue Dot Toolkit

Click the cover pages below to access each document or set of resources. Nutritional Considerations, Meal Swaps, the Slide Deck, Infographics and Other sources of key nutrients are only available to BDA members. 

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OBD FAQ OBD meal swaps
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Helpful links

Other resources


The Environmentally Sustainable Diets Toolkit was created by a working group of experts which sits under the BDA's Public Health Specialist Group. Its current members are:

  • Ursula Arens
  • Linda Convery RD (Chair, BDA Public Health Specialist Group)
  • Lynne Garton RD
  • Sandra Hood RD
  • Dr Pamela Mason RNutr
  • Dr Clare Pettinger RD
  • Elphee Medici RD (Nutrilicious)
  • Tanya Haffner RD (Nutrilicious)
  • Kate Arthur RD (Alpro)
  • Jo Lewis (BDA)
  • Tom Embury (BDA)

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One Blue Dot was produced by the BDA with support from launch partners from the science and nutrition team at Alpro.