The need to diversify dietetics: a student perspective

As protests around the world highlight racial inequality, Nishat Chowdhury reflects on how greater diversity in dietetics would help improve the service we give to clients.

Men’s Health Week 2020: Let’s chat about male fertility

What can men do to prevent infertility in the future or improve their current reproductive health?

What do dietitians need to know when seeing a patient with a Learning Disability?

Loneliness and Malnutrition

The 15th to 19th June is loneliness awareness week, here Dove Yu, Dietitian at James Cook University Hospital and Committee of the BDA Older People Special Group discusses loneliness and malnutrition.

A community among the pandemic

Student Rían Joyce helped set up a local initiative to help vulnerable people in her community

Making a difference – Working in mental health as a dietitian

Beena Patel writes about her experience as a newly qualified dietitian working within the mental health setting.

A Dietetic Perspective of Nasogastric Feeding

Phill Johnston reports on his experiences of living with a nasogastric tube as part of his efforts to better understand the patient experience during Nutrition and Hydration Week

Chrono-nutrition a new dietary dimension

Rachel Gibson looks at new research looking at the age-old proverb to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper

Tell us how your food and shopping habits have changed

Life in lockdown at Cotswold House Oxford: A Dietitian’s Perspective

Ramadan and eating well when working from home

Spiritual Care and Dietetic Practice – A call beyond cultural competency

What is the role of spiritual care in dietetic practice? Registered dietitians are already excellent practitioners when it comes to compassionate care and cultural competence – but can and should we go further?

Food and exercise are about more than calories in and out

Eating well during Coronavirus / COVID-19

Tips for eating well during the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic

The influence of sleep duration on the effectiveness of weight management intervention

Michael Titmus critically appraises the evidence base for this often overlooked relationship and considers the implications for dietetic practice

What are dietitians doing as part of the COVID-19 response?

Many people may not realise the vital role that dietitians are playing to treat people who are acutely sick with COVID-19, so we asked our Critical Care Specialist Group to explain more.

British Dietetic Association calls for sensible shopping

Empty supermarket shelves are likely to have the biggest impact on the poorest and most vulnerable members of our society.

COVID-19 / Coronavirus - Advice for the General Public

Frequently Asked Questions about nutrition and food in relation to COVID-19 / coronavirus from the BDA. We will keep this page updated as the situation develops.

Coffee and Health; it’s not just about the caffeine

Increasingly we see headlines about the positive health effects of coffee. This seems to be a huge swing away from a couple of decades ago where coffee seemed to be bad for us and was blamed for interrupting our sleep and making our hearts pound in a bad way. So, what has brought about this change in thinking?

Fermented foods

More and more research is emerging showing just how important good gut health is for overall well-being.

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