Dietitians in medical nutrition education

Dietitians and medical educators Elaine Macaninch and Duane Mellor discuss the role of nutrition in medical education.

Volunteers Week

This week is not just Dietitians Week, it is Volunteers Week! Carlena Probert-Baulch, our Volunteer Officer, talks about the positive impact of our volunteers, especially against the background of COVID-19.

Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dietitian Julie Walker from Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust talks about how she and her team adapted to provide support to patients and the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your Healthy Kitchen - Working to support South Asian families to help prevent diabetes

Dietitian Jessica Mhesuria writes about the award winning public health campaign she fronted in Leicestershire to help improve health outcomes in the South Asian community.

Q&A with Dietetic Support Worker Sam

Aisling Pigott asked Sam Eyre-Williams about what it is like to work as a DSW, and what challenges she faces.

Making a Difference with your BDA Trade Union

As part of Dietitians Week 2020, TU Campaigns, Communications, and Organising Officer David Hamblin writes about why being part of the BDA Trade Union is so important for Dietitians, Dietetic Support Workers and Assistants.