COCO - Care of Childhood Obesity

The BDA speaks to Shelley Easter RD from Bristol Royal Hospital for Children about the COCO tier three weight management service for children

Dietitians in Northern Ireland innovating in response to COVID-19

Dietitians in Northern Ireland are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in a number of ways, from acute care in ICU to using technology to support paediatric patients at home.

Children - Five Day Meal Planner

A set of resources from Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care Trust to help parents plan meals over five days with their £15 vouchers/payments from schools in place of free school meals.

Complementary Feeding

A position statement on complementary feeding (sometimes referred to as weaning)

Best practice sharing to support paediatric dietitians

Useful best practice insights gathered from various paediatric dietetic departments, collated by BDA Paediatric Specialist Group