Five practice-based learning (placement) tips for RD2Bs

Practice-based learning (placement) can be a stressful, but amazing time. There can be a lot of pressure to achieve and be the best but at the end of the day we’re only students and here to learn! Here are a few tips I’ve learnt from my practice-based learning (B placement) to help things run a little more smoothly and spend more time enjoying than stressing!

Five revision top tips for RD2Bs

Student Rep, Ellen Morgan, gives us her top five revision tips for Dietitians studying for those all-important exams!

Protecting your mental health on placement

Third year dietetic student Zunaira Awais shares her mental health struggles during placement and how she prioritised her wellbeing - as well as sharing tips for those on placement.

Celebrating home grown dietitians this AHPs' Day

Belinda Mortell shares her experiences as a dietitian, and discusses the new Home-Grown Dietitian project as part of AHP's Day.

Securing our future dietitians

Chloe Adams calls on all our members to see how they can provide practice-based learning opportunities for student dietitians