One Blue Dot - the BDA's Environmentally Sustainable Diet Project

12 Dec 2019

One Blue Dot is the BDA's Environmentally Sustainable Diet Project, created to help make our Sustainable Diets Policy a reality. On these pages you will find a toolkit of information, graphics, tools and links to help you improve your understanding of environmentally sustainable diets and discuss these with your patients or clients. This is very much a "live" toolkit, and we will be adding more information and tools on a regular basis.

Our latest update was made in September 2020, with a significant update to the Reference Guide, with updated statistics and referencing, and a new section on the EAT-Lancet report. 

Reference Guide for Dietitians

This evidence-based reference guide forms the basis of the One Blue Dot toolkit which expands on the BDA’s Sustainable Diets Policy Statement. 


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Why do Environmentally Sustainable Diets matter?

Up to 30 per cent of GHG emmissions globally are linked to agriculture and food production, and the environmental impact of the food we eat is one of the key changes we can make to tackle the issue of climate change. Our food system is also responsible for habitat loss, soil degredation, water usage and waste, all of which damage our environment. 

The BDA believes dietitians should be able to reconcile the nutritional and environmental science to give consistent messages about a healthy, sustainable and varied diet. They should be aware of the challenges that may result for vulnerable groups and individuals (e.g. those suffering ill health, pregnant women, people on low incomes, and older adults) and be able to provide advice on sustainable eating as appropriate.   

One Blue Dot Toolkit

You can access the rest of the toolkit by clicking the links below to visting the tabbed pages at the top of the page. Other resources are available via the tabs at the top of the page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Environmentally sustainable diets is such a huge topic that we expect reading the documents will prompt many new questions from dietitians and other nutrition experts. This document starts to collate some of these and will be added to as the discussions continue.

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This is a glossary of key terms and concepts discussed within the One Blue Dot toolkit on the topic of sustainable eating. We add new terms all the time, so let us know if you think something is missing. 


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PowerPoint Slides

A set of powerpoint slides designed to explain the science of sustainable eating and the One Blue Dot toolkit which dietitians can use with colleagues. 


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Meal Swaps

Find out how you can make some of your favourite meals better for you and better for the planet! 


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For Meal Swap nutritional data, click here

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