Courgette Bake with a Feta and Herb Crust

17 Sep 2023

This delicious dish is packed full of vegetables which are harvested from July to September. Greek feta cheese is lower in fat than many cheeses and, together with the rosemary, it gives the dish a Mediterranean flavour. This bake is perfect for a hearty lunch on its own or served as a side dish with roast chicken.


8 small sprigs fresh rosemary
1 thick slice wholemeal bread
Black pepper (optional)
60g feta cheese
350g small new potatoes
1 medium leek
1 large onion
1 stick celery
450g courgettes  (3–4 medium)
1 clove garlic
1–2 x 5ml spoons wholegrain mustard (optional)
50g reduced-fat garlic and herb cream cheese
25g unsaturated fat spread
150ml boiling water


Weighing scales
Sharp knife
Chopping board
Food processor or stick blender or grater
Medium bowl
Medium saucepan
Pan stand
Garlic press
Measuring spoons
Shallow ovenproof dish or roasting tin, approximately 25cm x
Large frying pan
Wooden spoon
Measuring jug
Oven gloves


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/160°C fan or gas mark 4.
  2. Remove the rosemary leaves and chop them finely. You need about 2 x 5ml spoons.
  3. Make the bread into crumbs using a food processor or stick blender in a medium bowl (or see Top Tips). Add half the chopped rosemary and black pepper to taste (if using), then crumble in the feta cheese.
  4. Wash the new potatoes and thinly slice into 3mm slices. Boil the kettle. Put the potatoes into the medium saucepan and cover with boiling water. Simmer for 7–10 minutes or until just tender.
  5. While the potatoes are simmering, wash and thinly slice the leek, onion, celery and courgettes into 3mm slices. Peel and crush the garlic.
  6. When the potatoes are just tender, drain using the colander. Return the potatoes to the pan, add black pepper to taste (if using) and stir in half the mustard (if using) and all the cream cheese. Place the potatoes into the ovenproof dish or roasting tin and set aside.
  7. Heat the spread in the frying pan and add the leek, onion, celery, garlic and the remaining rosemary. Cook over a low heat, stirring, for 8–10 minutes or until soft.
  8. Add the courgettes, the rest of the mustard (if using) and 150ml of boiling water. Stir and cook on a medium heat for another 5 minutes.
  9. Spread the vegetable mixture over the potatoes and top with the breadcrumb, feta and rosemary mixture.
  10. Bake for 20–30 minutes until the top is golden and crisp and the base is bubbling.

Skills used include:
Washing, weighing, measuring, peeling, chopping, crushing, blending, boiling/simmering, frying and baking.

Top Tips

  • An adult should always supervise children using a food processor.
  • If you can’t get fresh rosemary use ¼-1 x 5ml spoon of dried rosemary.
  • You can make breadcrumbs by toasting or freezing the bread then grating it.
  • Leftover stale bread can be used to make breadcrumbs. Pack in small bags, freeze and use when needed.

Something to try next time

  • Add some cooked chicken or ham or, for a more substantial vegetarian alternative, try adding some butter beans.
  • Try using thyme instead of, or as well as, rosemary.
  • Experiment by using a variety of seasonal vegetables. In autumn try finely chopped squash or pumpkin instead of courgettes.

Prepare now, eat later

  • Transfer any leftovers to a smaller ovenproof dish and store in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Reheat until piping hot, adding a little more water to the base before heating.
  • Freeze for up to 1 month. Defrost and cook until piping hot.